Bylaw amendment for garage door screen enclosure

Bylaw amendment for garage door screen enclosure

June 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alanna Colon

This bylaw amendment is to allow homeowners in our community the ability to install a garage door screen enclosure without the need for ARC approval.

Homeowners would solely need an ARC application for approval of the enclosures frame color and screen colors to keep continuity in garage screens throughout the neighborhood. 

The screen enclosure adds value to the home, full autonomy of the property as well as privacy. 

Once the petition is signed by the necessary amount of homeowners, it will be presented to our HOA who will be obligated to amend our bylaws at that time. 

Brief backstory:

As many of our homeowners may already know, I am a homeowner off of O'conner and had a garage screen enclosure installed prior to submitting an ARC application during covid. 

My intentions for the screen:

     * increase my home value

     *increased the safety for my child

     *Allow my disabled father that lives in my home the ability to have full             autonomy of the home. 

Once the error was brought to my knowledge, I submitted the ARC application.  It was denied.

I submitted an appeal of denial and gave additional information stating that the federal fair housing act for disabled individuals allows HOAs the ability to allow this modificiation without fear/risk of liability. 

Despite my submitted supporting documents and photos that explained the benefit/ reasons for the screen, my appeal was denied.....and here we are. 


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Signatures: 106Next Goal: 200
Support now
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