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Political leaders to emulate good leadership virtues of our founding fathers

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I have tried to live out leadership in all areas of my life all the way down to your personal decisions.” At the end of the day, the observations of people about your actions create a perception, and it’s this perception that is the foundation for your ability to influence others.

It reminds me of the saying adults used when I was growing up, “Act as I say, not as I do.” It’s actually the polar opposite! What you say to people matters but very little. People want to see the actions correlate to your words and promises. Your actions are everything, it can be as simple as how you treat someone or what you share on social media.

Just like kids watch everything their parents do, people in the professional world observe specific things you do as their leader. Team members are particularly curious of things like work ethic, composure, passion for your work, optimistic attitude, values, and beliefs. They want to know you are worthy of following — not just on day one but everyday after.

When you think about great leadership, you tend to think about big moments: Daring decisions and inspiring speeches; moments when a great leader shows the path forward.

In today's society we no longer embrace ourselves or our cultural values because they
have been turned over board or people feel like they just don't fit in. Culture is our true
identity that brings out our true selves, but today we have abandoned it. We have
forgotten how our ancestors worked hard to develop a strong and powerful culture that
brings everyone together. people often mistake culture as mere dancing and singing but
there's so much more than that, such and language, food, rituals.and so much more.
Culture is the social behavior and norms found in human societies. Culture is a central
concept in anthropology, encompassing the range of phenomena that are transmitted
through social learning in human societies.
Culture is the totality of people's experience. All these things that are happening in the
country is because people forget their original origin and start to develop a new one that
will cause nothing confusion and conflict between people.

Also leadership is a function of knowing your self having a vision that is well communicated having trust among colleges and realizing your leadership potentials.

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