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Lyft to treat their drivers fairly

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I’m starting this petition against lyft so that they recognize that they are treating their drivers poorly.  They consistently send their drivers on Wild goose chases to pick up passengers that are 10 to 15 minutes away for the driver to find out that they are only driving the passenger a mile or two away making a minimum wage of a few dollars.  It costs more than that in gas to get that never mind wear and tear on their car.  Lyft does not reimburse you for your way to the passenger.  Not to mention the amount of times they send you requests to pick up passengers that are 25 minutes away for short distances.  We as lyft drivers depend on this salary some as full time jobs to support ourselves and are spending more on gas than we make or need to be because of this.  And, when you reach out to lyft about this they don’t care or want to change.  It is unfair to us we abide by their rules and go out of our way to make sure the passengers are satisfied no matter what the conditions may be.  Now let me get you on the next situation they have a cancellation policy if you get a ping and you are on your way to the passenger if for some reason a driver happens to pop in closer to that passenger lyft will cancel you and give it to the other driver.  We have already made our way to the passenger meaning wasting our gas and again wear and tear on our car and they could care less they just give our ride away.  It’s unfair to us and besides that we lose out on a ride and money that should have been given to us that’s what we are here for to make money.  When you email support they just don’t care it’s like automated responses. And, when you visit the hub you get the same answer that’s lyft a policy there’s nothing we can do.  Well lyft policy is not driver friendly and we as drivers should be compensated for our losses it is unfair.

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