Make fixing aerator to the tap in public places like malls, restaurant mandatory.

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With the water crisis making headlines everywhere since then we are reminded of mending ways at home to save water, the water flow regulators / aerator work like miracle. But when I visited some malls and restaurant lately it felt like crime using water from the tap without aerators. I just felt helpless and the thought that a simple step could save hundreds of liters of water in a day.

It should be made MANDATORY to fix aerators in public places where the usage of water is extensive.

Please share my petition widely so that no tap is left behind. We don't need water gushing from the tap at 40 liter per min. We can definitely manage with regulated speed. With these aerators we can accomplish this and don't let the water go down the drain.

All the public places like malls , hospitals , restaurants , railway station , airports etc should have water flow regulators / aerator installed.