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BWSSB stop levying Borewell service charge unfairly to apartment complexes

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BWSSB has introduced a new service charge for borewells. It is at a rate of 100 Rs per flat for an apartment complex per month. Consider you have 1000 flats and 1 borewell, and say the maximum output of that borewell is 7000 litres a day, your maximum output in a month is 2 lakh litres a month. That is 0.5 Rs per unit of water, an astronomical amount.

Not only this service charge (don't know how they call it that when they don't do any services for these borewells) is unfair and huge it is also stupid. Why is it stupid? This means more and more complexes will disconnect their borewells as it is costly and this will put additional burden on Kaveri supply and drink up whatever little is left in the KRS and Kabini dams.

It is not only stupid but probably a corruption in the brewing. This seems like a charge to curb the usage of borewells in the peak summer season and force complexes to make use of water tankers, clearly seems to increase some peoples vested interest. This theory gets more benefit when you look at a new notice from BWSSB in which it asks to provide them details of water tanker usage - I fear this may give them data to help water tanker companies more by regulating water release from Kaveri and forcing apartment complexes to rely on tanker water.





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