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Buy My Time

April 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Erick Snow

I am proposing for a new bill to be passed into law called “The Provisions of Innocence Act” or “Buy my time” Bill

The purpose of this is to:

  • Guarantees that the Department of Justice must ensure that defendant(s) maintains, or has the ability to maintain, financial stability while undergoing due process.

There is an issue in this country with the innocent not having financial stability while undergoing due process and ultimately be forced to take plea deals simply because they cannot afford the repercussions of proving their innocence. Examples being incarceration while undergoing due process, terminated employment, loss of income, etc.

This will include:

  • Assurances that the defendant(s) will retain a position at their job while undergoing due process, whether incarcerated or not.
  • If the the defendant(s) is held in a corrections facility, the DOJ will be held liable to for any fees and damages equal wages lost from employment (based off 3 most recent pay stubs) and any damages to overall health during time of incarceration if the defendant(s) is proven to be NOT guilty.
  • If incarcerated during due process, the defendant(s) may elect to have their lost wage damages paid in full at the end of due process or during. If the defendant elects to receive during due process, it may only be used towards major bills such as Utilities, rent, mortgage, insurance, etc.
  • If a employer decides to terminate employment for any reason during due process, they must pay a severance based on a scale of time employed and wage earned. Which will go towards assistance of not guilty payments and to insurance companies that fund “not guilty payments”.

What this will do:

  • Will help create insurance companies that allow for financing better public defenders programs, even more ensuring that the defendant has a fair shot in court.
  • Will force prosecutors to actually review the cases they work instead of indiscriminately giving plea deals, which the innocent may be forced to take.
  • Decrease needless arrest by police.
  • Reduce the need for private prisons.
  • Ensures the innocent stay innocent.
  • Increases accuracy of only the guilty spending time in jail.
  • Protect potentially innocent defendant(s) from traumatic experiences while incarcerated.
  • Will not have to sit in a cell unless you have a guilty verdict or suspected of committing a heinous crime.

This all works by now holding corporate America and it’s government financially accountable. They are both complicit in the exploitation of mass incarceration of the lower class. This “Buy My Time” bill will allow better tracking of impartial judgment by indicating which areas are burning through funding. How does this work? The taxpayers are already paying for potentially innocent people being incarcerated but we can’t find where they are. Excessive spending due to damages paid for being innocent while incarnated will allow a financial paper trail to where there is impartial judgment . Since the defendants are no longer forced to take sacrificial pleas due to their finances, they have better odds at proving innocence in court.

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Signatures: 494Next Goal: 500
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