No License To Buy & Sell CBD Oil from hemp

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Minimum $200,000 fine and possible jail time for selling a non-psychoactive hemp based CBD oil. It couldn't be more obvious that the government, pharmaceutical companies and large corporations only caring about their shareholders.... when a law is struck down saying that you need to have a license to sell a remedy that comes from a plant, that does not get you high, and the only side effect is you actually heal from whatever it is that you may have.

I'm not shocked but I'm certainly appalled to this information that I received this morning.

We are currently creating a petition and will be asking for as many signatures as possible.

The powers-that-be want full control over something that is now recognized as a massive healing tool. After Decades of persecution, fines, jail time they all of a sudden decide to Legalize It, control it and penalize people for either taking this product or selling this product if they don't make some money off it.

I literally feel sick to my stomach and I will not stay quiet about this.

I do not want to go to jail and I do not want to pay any fines to some Canadian government Mafia Corporation four things that I know are right and things that I know are not doing harm to people but only doing amazing life-changing things for people and their pets.

And people ask me why I'm an anarchist... I think the word Anarchy has been misinterpreted because everyone's things that anarchy means no rules when the real translation from Greek and Latin language means no rulers (Mark Passio)

To play it safe on the 17th of October we will no longer be selling CBD oil on our web page as we do not want to go to jail. 
Because we have so many customers and friends and family members and pets out there that need this medicine we will apply for the license which they say will take roughly about 60 days to go through an approval process if it gets approved.

So in the meantime I asked you all for your help and support to help sign this petition that we are in the middle of creating and please share it with everyone you know who this message resonates with.

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