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Butlins: Stop supporting hen cruelty & go cage-free!


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My name is Jennifer and I am petitioning Butlins to stop sourcing eggs from hens kept in cages.

After spending time with my daughter at a farm animal sanctuary and seeing chickens in their natural environment, able to exhibit natural behaviours, you soon understand how intelligent, funny, social and gentle these little beings are.

However, Butlins allow the sourcing of eggs from hens kept in so-called enriched cages with up to 90 other birds, never seeing the light of day with many going mad from confinement, boredom, and frustration. They suffer injuries including feather loss from pecking and broken limbs.

There is no reason in this day and age that Butlins should be using eggs from caged hens when there are other safer and more compassionate alternatives. Across the world and the country more and more companies, brands, hotels and resorts have committed to go cage-free, including Parkdean Resorts, Travelodge, and Premier Inn. But Butlins has ignored calls from its customers to stop supporting the cages.

We as consumers can make a difference by demanding better practices from companies. Butlins must be held responsible for its actions! Please join my family and I by signing this petition to let Butlins know that you do not support caged hen cruelty.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • MD Butlins
    Dermot King
  • MD Bourne Leisure
    John Dunford
  • Buying Manager
    Jane Wiltshire
  • Buying Manager
    Angela Kandapah
  • Buying Manager
    Lawrence Kay
  • Retail Buying Administrator
    Claudia Pearse
  • Butlins HQ

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