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let Butler College girls wear pants

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Butler college, in Perth's far northern suburbs, current uniform require girls to wear a skirt all year round, with no option to wear pants and/or shorts. In 2017 this is unacceptable discrimination for a public school.

Why do we care:

*Physical activity - research shows that when girls are in skirts and dresses they are less active than when wearing short and skirts.

*Learning - skirts and dresses are a hindrance when moving around the class room, especially in science and technology fields. Let girls focus on learning and not on the length of their skirt and whether anyone can see their underwear.

*Weather - Its cold and girls are being made to wear short skirts, the option of stockings being expensive and impractical

*Modesty - Skirts and dresses do not protect girls from accidental public displays of their underwear. This is incredibly prevalent in Butler college as their skirts are so short - complete strangers have commented on the girls skirts to the school but they continue to ignore the problem.

*Social expectation - its not the 1950's any more, girls have more choices in work and life. Nurses, teachers and police officers have all had their uniforms/dress standards changed to pants, as dresses and skirts are largely impractical. Why do we continue to force this archaic stereotype on school girls. 

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