Having the option to modify your exhausts. Whether it be loud or quiet, it should be your

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Hello, my name is Trenton Campbell. I am going to try and keep this short. I am creating this petition in hopes that we may be able to revoke the modified exhaust ban.

There are many reason i have in that of which will support my opinion. Us car enthusiasts thrive on modifying cars. It isn't just a simple hobby or sport, it's a dedication that not many actually have. With this ban in place, you're taking away the only thing that saved my life last year. (Here we go)I was on my motorcycle going down the freeway (westbound) when a car, without the driver checking, switched into my lane. I had no where i could go. Not to mention there was a car on my left and behind me. I honked my horn rapidly, but no response and without thinking twice, i revved my bike. Within 2 inches from my bike and me almost in the lane to my left with another car in it, you bet the driver heard that. They swerved back into their lane. Now can you imagine how that would have went down if i hadn't had a modified exhaust? Can you honestly say that i would've been just fine? I think not. 

I don't in any way, mean for this to sound rude, but we could be doing drugs instead. We could be like every other basic drug addict, but we are NOT. I can honestly say that if i hadn't found such an amazing passion for cars, I'd probably be sitting with many of my family members throwing their life's away. Instead of throwing everything away, im choosing to stick up for what's right. For what brings massive amounts of joy to so many people here in idaho. All of these beautifully, personalized motorcycles, street bikes, cars, trucks, etc. They all put hours and hours of time into them, but without sound? Well, it's how i imagine being deaf would be like. No offence meant. 

Thank you for your time, have a wonderful day. 

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