Save Busy Bees at Milford School

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After many years in the heart of Clifton, with amazing staff and a welcoming atmosphere, we want to try and prevent the closure of the nursery. It is the only nursery within the Clifton community that has an 'outstanding' ofsted rating and we don't want to lose such a caring place for our children.

The feedback from other parents is that their children feel safe, cared for and enjoy their time there.

The staff are excellent with the children, they have grown and encouraged them day by day to bring them on leaps and bounds and we want to keep them where they are.

We have been informed the lease is up on the property so it seems as though this may be too high or has increased so much that the nursery can't sustain the costs. Let's try and make sure that we can reduce this cost to see if the nursery can stay open!