Stop WoahhVicky from making a appearance in Greenville, IL

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Someone who used to live in Greenville is eager to bring talent to our city for a “meet and greet” the person he has chosen to bring is someone who doesn’t fit our community AT ALL. He plans to bring Instagram and YouTube “celebrity” (I use this term lightly) WoahhVickey.  A fowl mouthed, self proclaimed instagram ho who every other word on her videos are derogatory and filthy. This event is free to the public but the host has claimed it’s a “family friendly event to bring the kids too” The place where it’s to be hosted is TBA but my hopes is I can gather as many signatures as possible so once it is announced it can be presented to the business owner in hopes of shutting it down quick. We don’t need this filth in our town, meeting our children. Thanks for your help. 

(I’ve included a video of here. Not to spread her “popularity” but to make people aware of the person she is”