Wetaskiwin Businesses for Change: Business Tax Petition

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The letter below will be sent to the City of Wetaskiwin Mayor and City Council. With your signature of support, this letter will represent more Wetaskiwin Businesses and carry more weight.

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Emergency Meeting with Business Community

The Wetaskiwin business community is coming together in solidarity to demand change and contest the systemic issues of City of Wetaskiwin Council including: a non-residential mill rate double that of comparative communities, lack of concrete spending priorities, increased hiring, misjudgment of funding priorities on many occasions, and a lack of responsible communication and transparency.

While our province is going through blue-ribbon panel on finances (an independent panel of experts reviewing Alberta’s finances and providing recommendations to bring the budget back to balance), the undersigned demands that the City of Wetaskiwin follow suit. Consistent with the Premier’s mandate to be open for business, we need Wetaskiwin to be open for business too.

We hereby request an emergency meeting with Mayor and Council and will be requesting a meeting with the Premier and the Honourable Minister of Municipal Affairs to express aforementioned concerns with the municipal governance of the City of Wetaskiwin.

Our work will not stop until we see change and the City of Wetaskiwin is conducive to business.


Wetaskiwin Businesses for Change

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