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In today's society open breastfeeding has become a problem. Breasts are sexualized, therefore making it uncomfortable for mothers to breastfeeding while in public. Breasts were created to provide children with nutrition directly from their mothers and this should take place where ever the mother is without her recieving stares and comments being given. This is impacting many mother's decisions on whether to breastfeed or bottle feed their infant. If mother's had more support not only at home, but also by the public then our breastfeeding statistics would be at a higher rate. 

I am starting this petition to have more businesses offer lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers. If lactation rooms were offered it would allow mothers the privacy to feed their infants, but would also benefit those who oppose open breastfeeding because they would not be seeing the mother breastfeeding. 

Just as any petition there will be those who oppose to bringing more lactation rooms in businesses. One of the biggest objections would be the cost it would take to create a lactation room for a business owner. If they consider how much profit in the end they may make from adding a lactation room it may actually bring in more money, because it would show that the business is family oriented and support breastfeeding mothers. For a mother who breastfeeds, she wants to feel welcomed and comfortable and comparing two places where one offers and one doesn't, but the business that offers a lactation room is more costly, they are more likely to go there because the convenience it offers. 

I am asking for your support to help bring lactation rooms to more businesses to support breastfeeding mothers. This will not only allow mothers privacy and safety, but also support those who oppose open breastfeeding and make remarks towards mothers. 

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