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It's time to employ people with Autism.

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Autism, a disability that affects one out of every sixty-eight American children, costs the United States economy an estimated 265 billion dollars a year. A major issue is having individuals with autism being active members in society. Also  with minor accommodations, many of these people with Autism could be tax paying citizens. This issue needs to be addressed in the Bloomington-Normal area. Residents of the Twin Cities pride ourselves on the school systems, community programs, and local businesses. Despite the area’s many strengths, Bloomington-Normal severely lacks in job opportunities for individuals with autism. There are numerous benefits to hiring people with disabilities. For starters, in the work environment, employees with Autism have a reduced turnover rate compared to other labor pools. This is because autistic people typically like routine and like a steady job.Hiring these individuals makes sense because they are dependable, loyal employees who more often than not love routine and will focus on doing an honest and thorough job. Supervisors praise workers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) specifically because of their accuracy and ability to perform repetitive tasks. Other benefits for both employers and the community stem from diversifying the workforce.  Integrating people with disabilities into a job setting generates an uplifting environment and increased customer satisfaction, in addition to the development of skills for the workers. For instance how many times have you seen touching videos on facebook of people with autism working and proving they can do anything just like anybody else.  Additional supports for employees with Autism might be necessary, such as providing clear written directions or identifying hidden codes of conduct that may not be apparent to someone with an ASD. However, by providing these accommodations, businesses can profit from these individuals’ strengths, including higher efficiency rates and faster production. Finally, customer outreach and an elevated reputation among the community can result from hiring any individual with a disability. Through a disability outreach program and a coordinated disability community marketing effort, businesses can expect an increase in patronage of 50 families per week per location. The power of the disability community is undeniable and should not be overlooked for its potential to improve labor and customer markets. Therefore, we the undersigned call on the Bloomington-Normal Chamber of Commerce, as well as Mayors Tari Renner and Chris Koos, to encourage businesses to include more of our disabled residents in the workforce. We appreciate your consideration and looking forward to your signature in support of this worthy cause. For more information please go to  

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