Bus Service falkirk

Bus Service falkirk

14 August 2022
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Started by Clair Spence

Falkirk council have just released the new bus timtable for falkirk area.   There was less than 48 hours notice of these changes   Monday to Saturday service are reduced  during the day and very limited to non existing services in the evening.   This will effect a large group of people from working,  children, elderly and disabled whom depend on public transport. 

Working people are now forced to leave earlier for shifts and have a large wait time untill there shift starts and worst case they cant get a bus home from there work forcing them to walk unsafe unlight roads  or forcing them to get taxis and with this cost of living being so high this is an expese workers do not need.   Also this could cause a problem for businesses if there staff cant get to and from work. 

We have kids and teens not baing able to meet friends go to the cinema in case they miss there last bus home.

Then elderly and diabled where public transport is a lifeline to them for shopping and socialising  having to cut time short with family and friends and isolating people even more. 

There is also an issue with this NO SUNDAY SERVICE again cutting  entire community's off no visiting loved ones in hospital or care homes no minor injuries visits if anyone needs to be seen out of hours.   This is just a few of the worst case scenarios people of falkirk will face with the new time table that is being inposed in falkirk.

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Signatures: 843Next Goal: 1,000
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  • Michelle ThomsonMsp
  • Ann Richie
  • stacey devine
  • david aitchisonLocal councillors
  • Kenith LawrieFalkirk council chieif executive