Stop the changes happening to school Bus rider regulations

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As of next year my six-year-old son in senior kindergarten will be required to either get driven to school and from school every day or walk to school. Student  Transportation services and the school board have decided that We live too close to bus him. I have friends who live as far as 10 Full city blocks away from the school and there’s child in grade school is expected to walk alone to school and alone from school.  As taxpayers our taxes pay for the transportation via school bus and therefore it should be available to us so long as our children are in school. My son is only six and walking to school with him would mean walking in cold weather and dangerous icy conditions. Not to mention predators and other dangerous to our children if they are walking alone to school. I also have a daughter who will be going into junior kindergarten next year and the bus will pick her up but will not pick my son up at the same stop with his sister. This is ridiculous and asking for many problems.Student transportation services and the school board need to be held accountable and the kids should be able to have a safe way to get to school. If you cannot leave your six-year-old child at home alone why would he be able to walk to school alone?