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Why? Safely, quality of life, aesthetics, allow the street trees to grow tall.

Currently the Richmond district has above ground utility lines. On avg, there are a minimum of 150 lines spanning across a single street block. They consist of: power, cable and telephone lines. On average a single family house will have between 3-5 lines. Multi-unit builds have much more.

They are hazardous. This past summer 2013 a tourist bus hit a low hanging power line  seriously injuring 4 people. Link

They fall during storms where children, adults, cars can come in contact with them resulting in serious injury.

They are ugly.

The following districts have submerged Utilities:
District 7 (Mariana/Pac Heights/Jordan Park/ Presidio Heights)
District 8 (North Beach, Financial, Russian Hill, Civic center)
District 6 partly (Hays Valley, Lower Pac Heights, Haight)
District 2 partly ( SunSet)

It's time to bring The Richmond District into the 20 1st century and bury this 19 century technology artifact.

Please sign this petitions now. It will be forwarded to the District Supervisor.

Forward this petition to other Richmond residence. Spread the word.

Letter to
District 1 Supervisor San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar
Please create a plan to bury Utility lines in the Richmond District. Our surrounding districts have their utilities buried. The wires are ugly, dangerous and a blight on our community. They act like an overhead spider web chocking the beauty out of our district.

We are District 1 constituents. Please meet with us and lets make this happen now!

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