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The Tomahawk Drive-In burger stand and prominent "Arrow" neon sign at 7741 Edmonds Street were both erected in 1961 and remain as the only ones of their kind in the city. Many will recall the summer milkshakes and onion rings from under a different name, as Giant Burger, Garbo's, and Lindy's Burgers are all incarnations of this restaurant's past. This extremely rare example of our city's built heritage presently has no protection against demolition and is under continuous threat from redevelopment that could come at any time.

The city of Burnaby purchased this property in 1975, under a Land Assembly and Development program of the day. Despite interest from McDonalds to acquire the property in the mid 1980s, the city continues to own it as holdings while leasing it out to the private sector. It sits on prime real estate surrounded by ever increasing development projects.

The city is to be commended on the restoration and legal protection of the "Arrow" sign in 2013, ensuring it's future as a civic heritage landmark. But in the name of context we ask that the burger stand too, be officially designated as a city heritage building, immune from redevelopment and continually leased to willing private operators.