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Remove Warden Lawrence Artis Immediately and provide an outside investigation regarding the deaths of Robert Taylor and Jerry Iozzia.

My name is Sean C. Turzanski as I was incarcerated in BCJ from 12/9/13-3/5/14.   During this period of time,  I watched the direct neglect of a homeless man over a 5 day period which ultimately led to his death.  After witnessing this horrorific event, I began writing from within to make sure the truth was told.  Upon my letters going public, there was direct retalitory measures from the Warden and his staff directly against myself for exposing this awful coverup.  Please demand that the Warden and Staff along with the Prosecutor's Office be held accountable.

All of you have now read the story of the Burlington County Jail and its abuse, neglect and murder against Robert Taylor and Jerry Iozzia. There is a lot of momentum, but we must take action! I want to orchestrate a formal email/phone campaign to the Freeholders to demand the immediate removal of Warden Artis. He must go! Sitting back and simply talking amongst ourselves isn't getting anything accomplished. Please pass this on to everyone you know. We need the masses. Call and write everyday! 609-265-5020




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