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Every year millions of animals are killed for the fur industry. One of the companies to profit from this misery is Burlington Coat Factory, a company based right here in New Jersey where I live!

Depending on the animal, the method of slaughter may include being stomped on, trapped, shot, electrocuted, or hung upside down and sliced open. All fur (coats, collars, cuffs, trim on hoods) comes from the same cruelly abused animals.

Burlington Coat Factory was caught years ago selling fur from dogs! They stopped that thankfully. But they still sell fur from other animals. What's the difference between wearing a dog, fox, rabbit, or any other animal? And Burlington Coat Factory even sells fur from China where there are no real laws about how animals are raised, transported, or killed.

So many companies like JCPenney, Express, Zappos, The Gap, H&M, Wet Seal, Forever 21, The North Face, Nike, and many more are fur-free. Why can't Burlington Coat Factory go fur-free?

Please sign my petition if you care about animals and want Burlington Coat Factory to stop selling fur.

Letter to
Media relations Burlington Coat Factory
Chief Marketing Officer Bart Sichel
Director of Marketing Gavin Joyce
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Vice President of Marketing Wendy Siskind
Executive Vice President Paul Tang
Vice President Stacy Haigney
Executive Vice President Marc Katz
CEO Thomas Kingsbury
Vice President Robert LaPenta, Jr.
Go fur-free to help animals. I know your company can thrive without making money off the backs of animals slaughtered for their fur. Please have a heart and stop selling fur. Burlington Coat Factory stopped selling dog fur, why not stop selling all animals' fur?

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