Stop the Champlain Parkway Project and Choose the Champlain RIGHTway

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!

Join the Racial Justice Alliance and call upon the Burlington City Council and Mayor of Burlington to choose the Champlain RIGHTway.

The Champlain Parkway Project disproportionately impacts Black, Brown and poor people in Burlington, specifically in the Maple/King area which is one of the most densely racially diverse neighborhoods in the State. It’s just this simple, the Champlain Parkway helps affluent white people and brings harm to Black and Brown folks. The project will result in a 37% increase in traffic in the Maple/King community while decreasing traffic by 72% through affluent white communities. 

Heavier traffic means higher risk to pedestrian safety, and those who are already at a higher risk of traffic related fatalities.  The Champlain Parkway will create a wall bisecting the community from north to south. Dividing the community will isolate neighbors and separate many from resources and services. We already know that our communities of American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) and extended Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) suffer from the the adverse outcomes of the determinants of housing, education, employment, health services access, economic development and the criminal justice system as a result of systemic racism. This is all being exacerbated by COVID-19.  We cannot allow the Champlain Parkway to add on yet another burden.  If racism is truly a public health emergency, the City Council and Mayor of Burlington MUST reconsider the Champlain Parkway. 

The Racial Justice Alliance is proposing the Champlain RIGHTWAY. This alternative successfully reaches the goals of the Champlain Parkway and ensures environmental and racial justice.  The Champlain RIGHTway consists of elements already studied in the Champlain Parkway NEPA and state permitting process, so development can move forward swiftly, with minimal additional review. The Rightway will decrease traffic congestion in both the Maple/King neighborhood and the Home/Flynn neighborhood, without harm and injustice to the City’s cohesive Black and Brown community. Further it will avoid the risks posed to pedestrian safety, eliminate failed traffic configuration at Lakeside Avenue and ensure continued access and growth in this vibrant part of the City all while saving years and expense in litigation!

The argument that the City of Burlington will have to pay back FHWA if the Parkway is not built as per the 2010 design is not true!  That design was rescinded by FHWA.  FHWA has the ability to designate the RIGHTway their approved project. The threat of paying back funding has never become a reality and only applies when projects are abandoned.  It is extremely unlikely that the Biden Administration would push for a payback in a situation where environment and racial justice is the justification!

Please support the RIGHTway! 


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