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On 20 January 2018, Armin and Brunhild Riedel were brutally murdered on their farm and their house set
alight with their bodies inside. The attack shocked the whole country. We were all in disbelief, reliving
and retelling the event as if it would become more believable with every word that was uttered.
The 2 accused murderers will hand in a bail application for their senseless acts. As a nation fighting to
live in peace, where every Namibian, irrespective of their color, deserves a place in this beautiful country
that we call home. It is our human right to feel safe, to have a place where our children can roam freely in
the streets, where we can lay down our heads tonight in a home unruffled by fear of what evil lurks in the
dark. We cannot allow these people to be granted bail. How will we as a nation ever be safe if people like
this walk amongst us planning their next violent act? Who will be next - me, you, your parents, your
We hereby plead with all fellow Namibians to stand with us, stand up for what is right, stand up for
peace, and stand up for what you believe in!! Have your voice be heard! Be the difference! A nation is
only as strong as the collective strength of its individuals.
We wish to submit this petition to the courts in the hope and belief that the system will not fail Armin and
Brunhild. So that the family can find some peace and try to live with a loss so great that nothing will ever
erase the scars left by this horrific, meaningless, barbaric act.