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Please let commissioners know that animal services are desperately needed in Burke County, GA.

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Burke County, GA has no Animal Services.  There is no animal control officer, no shelter to take abandoned or unwanted animals for people living in the county.  There never has been, so now the situation is dire.  Dogs are starving and dying. They are dropped off at dumpsters by the litter.  If there is an animal cruelty call, sometimes police officers tell callers to contact a local citizen in the county to see if she can take the dog.  This person is not given any financial help whatsoever from the county and has to use money of her and her husband's to feed and take care of dozens of unwanted and neglected dogs.


There are 2 rescue groups in Burke County that are continuously full and can only do so much.  Burke County Commissioners state there isn't enough money to fund any type of county animal services.  Yet the county’s tax digest swelled by more than $202 million this year to total $2,582,996,348.  The new budget will be done in June, 2015.  Please sign this petition stating that YOU WANT ANIMAL SERVICES IN BURKE COUNTY.  It has gone on long enough.  Dogs are in packs attacking people's pets, livestock, and even humans (See many articles in True Citizen).  

Signatures are especially needed from residents of Burke County.  And please let it be known that by signing this petition, you are stating that your vote for a commissioner in your distrect will be affected by the candidate's stance on this matter.  

After you sign this petition, we respectfully ask that you click on the following link to a Facebook page that we created to bring national attention to this issue:  Burke County - Animal Dumping Ground


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