Vegans and Vegetarians thank Burger King for introducing the "Impossible Whopper"

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On behalf of the undersigned Vegans and Vegetarians of the world, we would like to thank Burger King for introducing the "Impossible Whopper" to its menu throughout the United States, and for considering adding the burger to its restaurants in other countries, too.

The widespread availability of alternatives to animal-based meat has enormous benefits to animal welfare, the environment, and to peoples' health.

The "Impossible Whopper" not only gives Vegans and Vegetarians a new option, but more importantly, it provides others an opportunity to try tasty, plant-based products, leading to potentially large reductions in animal suffering and related environmental harms.

And while many Vegans and Vegetarians look forward to the day that humans no longer consume animal products, it must be acknowledged that Burger King's decision to introduce the "Impossible Whopper" is an important milestone, and for that we applaud you.

We hope you continue along this path and provide further plant-based options in the coming months and years.

Thank you Burger King!