Burger King, Popeyes, & Tim Hortons: Stop Supporting Chicken Abuse!

Once people start boycotting Burger King and the business starts taking a dive, perhaps this group might take stock of it's cruel and unethical business practices in relation to animal welfare. Then there is also the knowledge that stressed unhappy animals (like us) become more susceptible to disease, because their immune system becomes compromised and there are plenty of examples we can think of.................. Treat them with dignity, respect and meet their needs as the living creatures that they are & get out of your nice clean, safe & air conditioned spacial offices and spend a week in similar conditions, and see how it makes you feel after a the first half hour & see if you still feel the same way. I won't be back in their restaurants until I see things are changed. If they don't than I guess I won't be returning.

Susan Miles, United Kingdom
3 months ago
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