Do not allow Sharia law on Burger King

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I have just heard the news that Burger King are going to follow sharia law. This petition is to stop them.

I know it is only in France at the moment but UK could be next.

If they start to follow shariah law then they will have to remove pork from their menu (which means I will miss my bacon double cheeseburger) and all other meat will be halal, which I hate having to eat!

Halal is a barbaric form of slaughter! I do not understand how the governments could be so tolerant of it. Although some halal meat is pre-stunned, most Muslims prefer meat of an animal that has not been pre-stunned. So it may well not be.

It will appease all the Muslims who have terrorised us! They terrorized France only a month ago! Why appease them? Shouldn't the citizens come first? Think about all the customers they are going to lose as a result of all this! I will not be eating at Burger King if this happens.  

Remember when Burger King used to run ads saying you can have Whoppers anyway you want them? Apparently, that’s no longer the case, if your order happens to violate Islamic rules.

Muslims should respect our laws and customs if they want to live here (like we would in their country) not take it over with their own. They are the ones being racist.  

If Muslims want a Burger King then they should open one in their own country, not our's!