Make public toilets more inclusive

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Most of the office spaces or even well maintained shopping malls, you have faced the problem of seat being wet or not cleaned. Since as a woman you don't have any option and you have to use it in a very uncomfortable position. Sometimes we hold it so that we can go to home instead of using a public toilet to avoid Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) but that increase the chance of kidney problem or kidney stone. Almost all women in India have some form of UTI at some point of their life. Incidence of UTI can definitely be reduced by simply moving from western toilets to Indian style toilet usage.

For working women if a toilet is used by male colleagues too, then it is more painful. Every time you go to the toilet and find the toilet seat is wet. How disgusting is it to sit on that toilet on someone else's pee.

Imagine a person who used toilet before you had herpes on her bum (or any other skin disease) and now you're going to sit on the same toilet seat and using the same toilet. How will you feel? According to one source, an average western toilet seat is covered with close to 300 harmful bacteria per square inch.

I am sure you don't want to think of how cleaners clean the toilet seat. Most of the time they clean it with the same brush which has been used to clean the commode.

In India we have Indian style toilet which can solve all these problems. But the trend in most public places is to have more and more western toilets and less and less Indian toilets.

We urge the authorities including, but not limited to, The Bureau of Indian Standards, The PMO, The Heath Minister, Indian Railways, and Ministry of Urban Affairs to ensure that Indian Toilets are made available at all public places in sufficient numbers.

Not only will Indian toilets help give a more hygienic alternative for women, it is also proven to be superior in terms of functional usage because of squatting position instead of sitting position.

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