Temporarily suspend flights from China to the Philippines for public health and safety.

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Due to the continuous escalation of the coronavirus outbreak in mainland China, the death toll from the said disease now sits at 106, with the number of cases reaching 4,515 as of this writing. Since the incubation period for the pathogen takes up to 14 days, it is never safe to conclude that a traveler from China is free of the virus just because he/she passes the 1-day quarantine process. 

In addition, the Philippines doesn't have sufficient medical paraphernalia and approved medications for the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). It would be too hard for the Department of Health and the entire citizenry if the virus begins spreading in the country (God forbid!). 

Hence, we are humbly asking the Bureau of Immigration to consider our suggestion of temporarily suspending all flights from China to the Philippines and vice versa until the epidemic ceases. This is for the overall welfare of the Filipino citizens; after all, health is wealth.