Petition to get Donald Kevin Carr blacklisted in the Philippines

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Donald Kevin Carr a foreigner living and working  in the Philippines (San Fernando City) should be investigated and blacklisted from living in the Philippines for the following reasons:

1. He has made defamatory statements against the Philippine Government on many occasions of accepting bribes, being corrupt and violating human rights.

2. He is working as an Instructor for Oceans Deep Dive Shop as a diving Instructor in violation of 13a Visa restrictions and does not have a work permit

3. He runs multiple business online and in the Philippines illegally and does not report revenues and pass on the taxes collected.

4. He illegally married a Philippine National in the fall of 2017 while still married to a Stephanie Carr a US citizen at the time. In doing so commited perjury and enguaged in bigamy.

5. He has fathered two Children while married to another spouse thereby committing adultery in violation of Philippine law.

6. He is is accused of molesting two children in the USA and not paying child support as ordered the past 2 years.

7. Donald Carr has a certified mental illness (PTSD) that leads to violent outbursts. Due to this he should be considered a dangerous individual with a disease that should have disqualified him from entry in the first place.

Please sign this petition to have this individual blacklisted and barred or deported from the Philippines.