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To spread awareness of the risks of irradiated food.

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It is understandable why irradiating food is being practiced and approved. It is "sustainable" in the sense that it can easily produce at a faster rate, ridding bacteria without pesticides and prolonging the shelf life, which are all things our society calls for today. However, it is not sustainable if it weakens the vitality of the plant therefore weakening us. People should have the right to know that their vegetables are no longer filled with vitamins or that their meat is uncleaned from feces, urine, pus for irradiation does eliminate bacteria but not these other waste matters. This technology is unsafe for not being properly tested long term for majority of the animals tested grew ill afterwards. Irradiated food does kill some bacteria but the ones that are immune from it grow stronger. The "free radicals" created by the energy waves that shoot at the plant kills the bacteria but also damages our enzymes and vitamins. Enzymes are needed to absorb the food's nutrients and vitamins are needed for growth and to stop those free radicals. If these free radicals aren't stopped, they can go on damaging cells, a symptom of cancer. Also, meat industries use irradiation as an excuse to label their food as "clean" instead of sanitising their factory.
By day people grow health conscious, if this continues it won't be sustainable for some people and our land. Have we entirely given up on mother earth? Growing our food organically or through biodynamic farming does sacrifice a bit of the produce but rewards us greatly by enriching the food with vitamins and enzymes, creating it's own immunity rather than protecting it for a limited time. These methods return us to the purpose of why we consume food in the first place. It isn't to get us to work or fill our stomachs rumbling or our salivating tongues. To understand the risks of irradiating food is to treat all living things as one entire living organism as those biodynamic farmers see it. What we take in will define how we live.

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