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Issue Photo E.M.T. / Paramedic Certification Cards to ensure Proper I.D. as EMS Providers

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Men and Women who care enough to become Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) & Paramedics currently must carry a certification card which only has their name, their EMT/Medic # and the date in which the certification expires.   No photo is present on the EMT Card which verifies that the person in possession of the EMT card is the person who is licensed as an EMT or Medic.  

Best way to say this, who's to say an EMT's / Medic's wallet wouldn't be stolen and used by a perpetrator in the commission of greater crimes (I.E.: Being able to access restricted areas and commit unspeakable acts which would result in a large number of people being hurt or killed) because the perpetrator stole an EMT's / Medic's wallet and is showing off the EMT's Certification Card to gain access to numerous restricted areas?

Our petition to the New York State Department of Health- Bureau of EMS is to update the type of physical licenses that are issued when we become or re-certify as EMT's and Medics.  The new Licenses MUST have a photo of the person who is named as a certified EMT/Medic as well as a security barcode - Similar to the template used by the DMV and Division of Licensing Services (for persons holding licenses to practice anything from Security Guard to Motor Vehicle Inspector, etc.)

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