Bureau Of Civil Aviation Security in India (BCAS): Amend Security Procedures that Cause Humiliation to Travelers with Disabilities

We protest against the human rights violation by BCAS - Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, India, for outlining the most inhumane and insensitive screening procedures that persons with disabilities are forced to go through at the cost of their physical safety and emotional trauma, at the Indian airports.

The dictate of BCAS to the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) at Indian Airports to regard persons with disabilities including amputees who use/wear prosthetics such as artificial limb/limbs, a bigger security risk; to ask them to strip and remove their prosthetic and, to make the wheel chair users stand up for thorough checking & not use their wheel chairs - as they all may be carriers of explosives and weapons - is a violation of their human rights of life, liberty, fairness, respect, equality and dignity.

The entire screening procedure for the persons with disabilities and medical conditions, and the insensitivity of the rustic security staff (CISF) at the Indian airports towards them need a makeover.  We are living in a human world.  These procedures and the rustic security staff got to have a humane face.  They need to be sensitized and humanized. 

The international norms for checking prosthetic do not require amputees to strip, to remove their prosthetic/artificial limb; nor do they require wheel-chair users to stand up & to not use their own wheel chairs. Shouldn't that be equally easy to implement in India as well? We're not asking that the national security & the security of travelers be compromised. We are only asking that BCAS enforces our manual which abides by the international norms and world class screening procedures and also devices like full body scanners like in U.S. that provide the highest level of security & customer service to all who pass through screening checkpoints. We are asking that people with special needs (including those with medical conditions and limited mobility) be treated with dignity, respect, care & courtesy that they deserve. We are also asking BCAS to enforce a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment, discrimination and infringement of the privacy, dignity, respect and human rights of the physically disabled and travelers with medical conditions.

Mr. Srivastava, a senior BCAS official had given his word to me at a  CISF training workshop on March 30, 2014, at which I had presented my thoughts on the appropriate screening of people like me who wear prosthetic, that he would be open to incorporating my suggestions in the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for screening of PwDs at security check points at Indian airports. I had specifically thrown light on how humiliating, unsafe and traumatizing it is for a person like me to be made to strip and remove my prosthetic by CISF staff and to be treated like a a criminal or a lesser human who has no dignity.  I had also thrown light on the fact that a prosthetic is not a piece of baggage that should be put on an x-ray machine.  It is an expensive device which when put on an x-ray machine with other baggage, could get damaged. Also once the prosthetic is taken off and worn back again after few minutes, the suction of the prosthetic does not hold that much and can lead to an injury thereby jeopardizing the safety and mobility of the person wearing it.

Further, CCPD, The office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, in response to my complaint, had issued an order to BCAS to amend its SOP.  Why have the coward officials of BCAS not taken any action yet?  Why do they continue to escalate their atrocities towards PwDs rather than enforcing our manual which abides by the international security norms?

I am asking BCAS on behalf of PwDs of India to enforce my detailed manual/training module on the training of CISF staff at Indian airports on the "Screening Procedures for Screening Passengers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions" and to include it in the Standard Operating Procedure. The manual covers guidelines on over 20 different disabilities and medical conditions and detailed explanations of what these disabilities and medical conditions entail, and how the CISF staff should screen people in accordance with these disabilities and medical conditions.  The manual abides by the language of CRPD and it was composed under the guidance of leading disability experts of India. I had personally handed over the manual to Mr. Ajay Kumar and Mr. O.P. Singh, senior CISF officers, in June, 2014. The manual was approved by the office of CISF in New-Delhi. However BCAS has not incorporated it in its SOP.

I am also asking BCAS to launch full body scanners at Indian airports to ensure a smooth and efficient security screening for PwDs. 

Rajesh Bhatia






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    Bureau Of Civil Aviation Security in India (BCAS) -5
  • Shri Rajesh Kumar, PPS to DG
    Bureau Of Civil Aviation Security in India (BCAS) -4
  • Smt. Neeraj Jaitely, PS to DG
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  • Joint Commissioner of Security
    Bureau Of Civil Aviation Security in India (BCAS) - 2
  • PS to DG
    Shri Rahul Naferia
  • DCOS, Training
    Shri A.K.S. Billawaria
  • Security Officer
    Shri U K Bandyopadhyay
  • Minister of Civil Aviation, India
    Pusapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju
  • Director, Department of Empowerment of PwDs, Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment
    Sh. Vishal Gagan
  • Director, Department of Empowerment of PwDs, Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment
    Sh. K.V.S. Rao
  • Secretary, Department of Empowerment of PwDs, Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment
    Dr. Vinod Aggarwal
  • Director General Civil Aviation
    B.S. Bhullar
  • Director General Civil Aviation
    J.S. Rawat, JDG
    G. T. Selvan
  • DDG, Director General of Civil Aviation
    K. P. Srivastav
    Lalit Gupta

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