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Bureau Of Civil Aviation Security in India (BCAS): Amend Security Procedures that Cause Humiliation to Travelers with Disabilities

We protest against the human rights violation by BCAS - Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, India, for outlining the most inhumane and insensitive screening procedures that persons with disabilities are forced to go through at the cost of their physical safety and emotional trauma, at the Indian airports.

The dictate of BCAS to the Indian Airports to regard the disabled and sick passengers carrying prosthesis such as artificial legs, a bigger security risk, to ask them to strip and remove prosthesis and, to make the wheel chair users stand up for thorough checking & not use their wheel chairs - as they all may be carriers of explosives and weapons - is a violation of human rights of life, liberty, fairness, respect, equality and dignity.

The entire screening procedure for the persons with disabilities and medical conditions, and the insensitivity of the rustic security staff (CISF) at the Indian airports towards them need a makeover.  We are living in a human world.  These procedures and the rustic security staff got to have a human face.  They need to be sensitized and humanized. 

BCAS, enforce the guidelines on the training of CISF staff on the dignified screening of PwDs, that I and my team had outlined in our manual and Power Point Presentation.  The manual abides by the language of CRPD and it was composed under the guidance of leading disability experts of India. I along with Javed Abidi, had personally handed over the manual to Mr. Ajay Kumar and Mr. O.P. Singh, senior CISF officers, in June, 2014.  The manual was approved by the office of CISF in New-Delhi.  However BCAS has not incorporated it in its SOP.  Mr. Srivastava, a senior BCAS official had given his word to me last year at a CISF workshop, at which I had presented my thoughts, that he would be open to incorporating my suggestions in the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for screening of PwDs at security check points at Indian airports.  Further, CCPD, The office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, in response to my complaint, had issued an order to BCAS to amend its SOP.  Why have the coward officials of BCAS not taken any action yet?  Why do they continue to escalate their atrocities towards PwDs rather than enforcing our manual which abides by the international security norms?

The international norms for checking prosthetic limbs do not require amputees to strip & to remove their prosthesis; nor do they require wheel-chair users to stand up & to not use their own wheel chairs. Shouldn't that be equally easy to implement in India as well? We're not asking that the national security & the security of travelers be compromised. We are only asking that BCAS enforce our manual which abides by the international norms/world class facilities that provide the highest level of security & customer service to all who pass through screening checkpoints & treats people with special needs (including those with medical conditions and limited mobility) with dignity, respect, care & courtesy that they deserve.  We are asking BCAS to enforce a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment, discrimination and infringement of the privacy, dignity, respect and human rights of the physically disabled and travelers with medical conditions.  



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Petitioner Rajesh Bhatia
Amend rustic & discriminatory security/screening procedures at the Indian airports that cause humiliation to people (including children) with disabilities and violate their human rights, while providing the level of national security that the Indian people want and deserve. We have submitted our detailed recommendations/guidelines to your office and to the offices of DGCA and CISF. We request you to incorporate these guidelines in the new SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and the new CAR (Civil Aviation Requirements) for screening of disabled travelers including people with limited mobility and medical conditions; and on the training manual for sensitization of CISF security staff at Indian airports. These guidelines were laid down by us upon consultation with experts from several disability constituencies in India. Our proposed recommendations cover dignified, respectful and appropriate screening of disabled travelers that have been divided into following categories:

Have Difficulty Walking or Standing;
Use Wheelchair or Scooters;
Use Prosthetic Device;
Have Cast or a Brace or Supportive Alliance
Cannot Remove Shoes
Have Metal Joint Implants
Are Blind or Visually Impaired
Are Deaf or Hearing Impaired
Children with Disabilities
Have Autism
Have Intellectual Disabilities
Have Developmental Disabilities
Have Internal Medical Devices
Needs Medication
Have Medically Necessary Liquids
Have Medically Necessary Radioactive Substances
Use Portable Oxygen
Have CPAPs, BiPAPs, and APAPs
Use Nebulizers
Have Diabetes
Have Ostomies
Have an External Medical Device
Are Breast Cancer Survivors
Use Service Dogs Have
Have Difficulty Being Touched
Have Difficulty Waiting in Line

We have explained all the categories listed above in details for you with specific guidelines for CISF staff to screen each category of travelers in distinct ways in order to cater to their specific needs.

We request you to implement our proposed recommendations and enforce a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment, discrimination and infringement of the privacy, dignity and human rights pf travelers with disabilities. Also, hold the CISF staff accountable for any such violation. We also request you to establish a grievance office and outline the intricacies of lodging complaints and the response time and mechanism of CISF to the complaints.


Rajesh Bhatia
Cell: 987-137-1632

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