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Extend Kindergarten instructional hours at Jefferson Elementary School

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As parents of incoming Kindergartners at Jefferson Elementary, it is important to give our kids the best opportunities for success. Some Burbank Unified School District schools, such as Stevenson Elementary, offer five-hour Kindergarten programs in conjunction with their early and late bird schedule. Jefferson Elementary currently offers a three hour and forty-five minute Kindergarten program. We would like the Burbank Unified School District to offer a five hour program to the Kindergarten students at Jefferson Elementary.  All Burbank students deserve access to equal opportunities to prepare them for first grade. 

The National Education Association states:

"Research shows the importance of full-day kindergarten programs. Yet, those programs are not currently available to about 40 percent of kindergarten-aged children nationwide. As a result, many of our young learners begin first grade several steps behind their peers. Full-day kindergarten helps make sure that
students build the strong base of learning they will need to succeed throughout school and life."

Other supporting research includes:

"In full-day kindergarten classrooms, teachers have more time to get to know kids and identify and address their learning challenges early—saving money and resources over the long term and increasing the odds that children will be successful later in school." (Center for Evaluation and Education Policy)

"Full-day kindergarten offers social, emotional and intellectual benefits to kindergarteners, giving them more time to focus and reflect on activities, and transition between them." (National Institute for Early Education Research)

"Full-day kindergarten provides a bridge between pre-kindergarten programs and more structured learning in first grade." (Education Commission of the States)

"Investments in quality early childhood programs generate returns of 3-to-1 or even higher, which translates to $3 saved for every $1 invested. An early investment in children’s social, emotional and intellectual skills means lower grade retention and dropout rates for students later in life." (Economic Policy Institute and Committee for Economic Development)

Let's come together as a community to support our children and give them the best our schools have to offer. We believe that extending Kindergarten instructional hours at Jefferson will benefit our children and community.

Thank you,

Kristine Lefferts and Teresa Meredith



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