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Burbank City Council NO GRANDFATHERING of stores that sell Puppy Mill Puppies/Kittens

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At the October 16th, 2012 City Council Meeting, the Council directed staff to draft an ordinance which will ban the sale of commercially bred puppies and kittens at Burbank Pet Stores unless they come from an animal shelter or  animal rescue group.

PROBLEM:  Certain City Council members want to "grandfather" in the only remaining pet store in Burbank that continues to desire to sell puppy mill puppies.  We don't want a grandfathering...but a "grace" period only so that the store can finish selling their ordered stock of puppies.

The City of Los Angeles recently enacted a similar ordinance and is only giving pet stores in the City a 6 month grace period.  Other cities such as West Hollywood and Glendale have also passed similar ordinances.  Burbank should follow! 

Commerical Breeders (aka "Puppy Mills")  breed puppies/kittens for profit. The parents of those cute puppies and kittens sold in pet stores are enslaved to a life of breeding - never feeling grass under their feet or the loving touch of a human. They are treated like livestock, receiving minimal vet care.  Overbred,  inbred and forced to live in unsanitary conditions.  Typically, smaller breeds spend their  entire life living in tiny, wired floor cages, while larger breds live in cramped kennels without the proper exercise, nutrition and care.   Female breeding stock are sometimes bred until their bones break and their teeth fall out.   When you buy a puppy from a pet store you prolong the unfathomable suffering of puppy mill parents and contribute to continuing this cruel cycle. Nearly 100,000 pets  were euthanized in 2011 JUST in Greater Los Angeles Animal Shelters. This is about the population of Burbank. Throughout the country over 5 millions animals were euthanized while puppy mills "mass-produce" an additional 4 million each year. This is the senseless killing of man's best friend and it's time stand up for the millions of animals that needlessly die each year.    

Pet stores can be part of the solution by converting to a business model that is more sensitive to the problems we face as a community.  

 Let's show Burbank's local government that we, as a community, care deeply about this issue.  This is not about being unsuportive of local businesses but being responsible, proactive, supportive and antipathetic to the issues that face us- both in our own backyard and throughout the country.  Please Share your Voice.  For more information on the cause go to

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