Boycott Bunny's: Stop Hate and Racism in SOMA

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Update: Boycott

Hi! Thank you all who signed the petition. In the weeks since May 8th we have been reaching out and working with local organizations, faith leaderships and Village leadership to share our concerns. The SOMA Collective Against Hate published a statement on June 7th and today SOVCA announced that Leslie was removed from the board.  While progress has been made our work is not done. Incidents like this are far too common in our community and the Pogany's have still failed to take accountability or even acknowledge the incident other than to call C.J. and her father liars. They have made no attempt to address or resolve the issue. We must continue the boycott.  From the Village Green article: 'After the vote to remove her from the SOVCA Board on June 12, Pogany made a statement: “I am totally dismayed that this organization would consider being pressured by outside sources to have me removed as a member of this board based on unproven and unprovable accusations that are patently untrue. But I’ve come to learn that truth has no home here. This is about mob justice, appeasing the crowd. The organization has lost its innocence and its legitimacy.” “You should be ashamed. You will have to live with this on your conscience. My conscience is clear,” added Pogany. “Just remember this: If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.”' We must continue to call out racism every single time. We must stand up for our community members when they share their stories. We cannot allow individuals who engage in racists acts and those who protect them to conduct business in our town.  We ask that you continue to stand against racism. Make your voices heard that Leslie Pogany's failure to accept any accountability is unacceptable. In solidarity, SOMA Justice  

SOMA Justice
2 years ago