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Petition Bunim/Murray to pitch The Bad Girls Club to a New Network

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Bunim Murray’s long running show The Bad Girls Club has become something of a social institution every time a season comes on the air. From the antics in the mansion, the arguments, the tears, the gossip, and the fights, The Bad Girls Club continues to be trending topic across many of the social media outlets. And the fans of the show tune in by the hundreds of thousands even millions, to see a new group of seven girls go on a journey of exploration, fun, healing, and learning each season. But at the heart of the show, we, as fans, become invested in these girls. The ability to see these girls progress into women every season, and to follow their life stories beyond their season and show. But above all else, beyond just the 17 seasons that will and have aired, the show offers many young fans  the ability to see themselves in these young girls. Where it is good or bad, whether one likes or dislikes any of the girls broadcast each season, The Bad Girls Club inspires these girls who sign up for this show to see something beyond their pasts and change, and for the fans to attempt to do so as well.

Which is why, it would an amazing opportunity for the Bunim Murray to pitch The Bad Girls Club to a new network since Oxygen will be revamping theirs for the foreseeable future, and cancelling the show. Many of the fans have already reacted to the news made by Oxygen and NBC, and would love to see The Bad Girls Club move to a different network like MTV, MTV2 or VH1. MTV/MTV2 would be a great new home due to it still being a megaforce in the landscape of teen/and young adult programming. And MTV has always prided itself on showing different segments of the youth life experience. Another option would also be MTV’s subsidiary, VH1. With VH1 becoming something of Oxygen’s successor in terms of being a leader in young female programming, VH1 would be another great home as women across the United States and across the world flock to its television shows. To limit the show’s potential to just 2 networks, would be foolish, but to downgrade the show to anything less than cable would be just as equally irresponsible. This petition therefore also asks that Bunim/Murray work to pitch The Bad Girls Club to other networks specializing in youth-orientated programming if any network were to reject.

As fans, we know this would have to come with stipulations to fit each network’s taste, as each network has built a certain niche market that works for them. And many longtime and even die-hard fans of The Bad Girls Club have vocalized that would like to see the show move in a direction similar to the earlier seasons like Season 1,2, and 7,  but also continue in the fresh revival the show has enjoyed in the newer seasons like Season 15,16, and 17. The Bad Girls Club since Season 15 has enjoyed a upward trend in viewership and discussions across social media, which is why fans would like to petition Bunim Murray to pitch The Bad Girls Club to networks specializing youth-oriented programming. Thank You.

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