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Hello, with the advance of destiny 2 and the forthcoming release of the dlc "forsaken" more and more often quotations are heard to what happened in the first chapter of destiny. Who approached your story in September 2017 could not enjoy the masterpieces of destiny 1, everyone must have the opportunity to play them (even for a fee) to have a logical continuity and not have plot holes that very often, in the speeches between npc, listening to them are created. It certainly did not even help remove the grimoire cards. We all have the right to experience the glass vault, the end of crota and the death of oryx at all times (as happens in the logic of World or Warcraft to give a very close example). Destiny 1 will certainly be closed in the future, and losing all that good work done would be a waste and an opportunity lost for those like me who are passionate about the story itself. Not if this thing is already in your plans, but I hope this petition arrives there where it should arrive. Best regards, Luca.

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