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Let's help Destiny become legend

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Destiny is an epic post-apocalyptic sci-fi mythology that invited us Guardians to delve into its exciting and inviting universe through FPS gameplay. As Guardians, we were attracted to this concept and dived heads first to learn more about this world, to get better and collect awesome powerful loot that will help us fend all threats against humanity. Destiny launched with great potential and managed to build a great community around it. A family that believed in the game and sunk thousands of hours in that universe. A family that believed in its potential, despite its imperfections and fought all the naysayers, because we had faith in the game and what it could become. This community deserves a product that meets its expectations. We played and loved Destiny 1, yet we all had so many ideas of how it could/will evolve. Throughout those years, we have seen some improvement, however, it never managed to meet our expectations.

Bungie promised that they will deliver a much more polished product in Destiny 2. A version that was meant to address many if not all the issues. We all got hyped and fell for the propaganda that preceded the release only to be extremely devastated and disappointed with the final product. It's extremely hard for me to say this, but the game offers me nothing now. I have no reason to log in, but I still go to Destiny 2's logo on my PS menu, press x to start the game, go to my hunter, launch to the tower and just listen to the music, while looking at the traveler over Zavala's shoulder. We can complain and do nothing about this or get together, unite and rise to help the team at Bungie revive the game that we always loved.

The purpose of this petition is to reach Bungie and deliver our message on how we believe that the game can improve from a good game to a great one.  

Eyes up Guardians.

  • Campaign and story: once someone pieces the lore together, they will realize that the story of Destiny is so rich and deep filled with tales of legends, mysteries around the past and its universe. However, that great story tends to remain hidden behind the literature and never to be seen in the game. Having the lore is great, it build much curiosity in the community and managed to give birth to some great conclusions and hypothesis discussed between the community over channels and forums. Having said that, some of this should surface in the game in a playable manner instead of reading about it or listening to an NPC narrate a tale in the midst of redundant enemy encounter. Cinematics should be incorporated heavily in this narration. The story that we play through, has to be tied more intrinsically to the core story of Destiny that gets pieced together as we move along. Moreover, some of the lore tied to a specific story could even be playable. Imagine playing as part of Kaber's team in the vault of glass for two minutes or so, right before the mission fails mix that with cinematics to experience the greatness of that legend right before you unlock the VoG raid. Maintain the cinematics throughout the raid to give it an epic first time experience. Play parts of the battle of the twilight gap before introduced to one of the most infamous weapons in gaming history the Gjallarhorn. See a cutscenes between Dredgen yor and Shin Malphur as the player continues to progress in his/her Golden Gun quest. So many opportunities. All are lost. I know that cinematic development could take time, effort and space etc... these cutscenes could easily be made in the same comic book style that you have used in TTK to introduce the subclasses. We require a more immersive gameplay interlinked with the story. 
  • Content (In general): Content is something that the community always wants more of, because of the short-lived campaign and the limited number of activities. Destiny 2 attempted to tackle that point via the addition of treasure maps, lost sectors, adventures. However, that content was so repetitive and unrewarding that gave us no reason to play it besides the point that "it's there so why the heck not". We simply require more to do in each expansion. That will ensure the players are engaged and minimize drop off between each release. We need to play purposefully and that could easily maintained via successful endgame activities and multiplayer, which leads me to the next point.
  • Endgame: unlike other FPS games (like CoD), Destiny's end game doesn't solely relies on PVP. The PVE end game activities like raids,  strikes and nightfalls are meant for players who are serious about the game and who are constantly seeking progression via the most challenging activities. However, in Destiny 2 these activities have become pointless due to the lack of a rewarding outcome that is offered to the guardians who completed these activities. The loot has to keep us hooked so we can visit those activities over and over again. I remember the awesome plethora of gears and weapons that VoG offered. It kept us all engaged playing that raid across multiple characters with a lot of friends in order for us to get that loot or help others do the same. We had a purpose to revisit and now we don't. Since we are on this topic, why don't we get multiple raids and dungeons that offers us be enhanced to offer the players more to do and better rewards to seek. Make the duration of those activities longer keep us engaged beyond the weekly reset for a challenge that does offer rewards that are so deadly and prestigious that only the most dedicated of players will earn. In Bungie's effort to please and recruit the casual players, it ended loosing out on both. Let's ensure that the players are not equally rewarded and that the hardcore gamer is rewarded generously. That's how you keep people playing and that's how you keep us coming back for more. 
  • Multiplayer: Destiny surely provides one of the best platforms out there for a PVP experience. The unique abilities of each subclass, the weapons, the maps etc... surely offered us a lot to enjoy, until the release of Destiny 2. The only thing that was wrong with Destiny's crucibles were the lag and the sticky grenades. THAT WAS IT! We miss the heroics that the crucibles used to offer us and the possibility of wiping out a whole team if you were skilled enough. Now the crucibles have become a watered down version of the previous version. We need our special weapons (sniper / shotgun / fusion) back as secondaries. I agree that they could have been so empowering at the beginning but they still required skills to operate and if you were complaining that you were getting sniped or hit by a shotgun too often then this was on you to adjust and become better. Shotguns fusions and snipers should not be put in the same category as rocket launchers and swords. One idea is: all players start the round with 2 fusion shots 2 shotgot 2 sniper. Rocket and sword must be picked up from the wall, but spawn more frequently. Subclass abilities have become so rare it grounded the game and stole its supernatural feel completely. Sometime it feels like CoD because of that (exaggeration but you get the point). The game was sustained for it PVP experience for so long now even that is stripped down from us. Finally, the Trials' gear and weapons need to be worth it. That lighthouse/spiral visit has to be worth the grind and makes the best standout please stop trying to please everyone. 
  • Weapons and armors: we understand the purpose of RnG drops and how it makes us revisit the game but the randomness needs to be adjusted to avoid redundancies and duplication. Also, we need to have more engaging systems to acquire weapons and armor that is not entirely linked to RnG. Remember Black Spindle - that was a mysterious cheeky entrance laced with a challenging encounter that rewarded a great weapon. Remember Outbreak Prime? What a brilliant way of gaining a weapon that was never seen again - we need more of that please. The harder the challenge, the greater the weapon and yes not everybody should have it. The dedicated and skillful should be rewarded. Also, mods can solve a lot of the problems facing gear and guns. Masterworks is a step in the right direction, but the most expansive solution lies in mods. An addition of exotic mods would be great being able to add only one exotic mod to each side (armor and guns), being able to equip mods on armor that are farther reaching than gernades recharge faster can drastically improve endgame. On the other hand, armor without perks is almost useless. We have no care or incentive for any new armor since it has no intrinsic value. With perks there is incentive to chase gear again. 
  • Gameplay and mechanics: the gameplay of destiny is fun and engaging no doubt. Having said that, the mechanics of hoarding and fighting through waves of enemies could be repetitive. The monotony of that can be broken if we were introduced to new new fight mechanics and puzzles. Also, we have amazing ships and we do encounter enemy ships on land. Why not introduce something of greater engagement like Star Wars level dog fights. Imagine the beginning of TTK, but with us in cockpit fighting with the taken. So many opportunities. 


We all fell in love with the world of Destiny 1 and saw limitless potential in what it could achieve. It became part of our daily lives and it is sad to see the game take a step back through its recent edition (Destiny 2).

The above are suggestions that we as a community feel could enhance the game. We know that you (Bungie) also have ideas on your own and are working tirelessly to make them happen against very aggressive delivery dates. We, the client, are saying take your time we are not in a hurry. And remember the client is always right :) 

In closing, I would like to thank the team @ Bungie for developing and introducing us to this beautiful world and game. We implore you to kindly make it better and become legend too.   

Thank you for your time and effort. May the traveller be with you !  


The community


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