Do not buy Destiny 2 for PS4

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It's been close to 3 years since I started playing Destiny for PS4 along with a group of over 100 players from all North, Central, and South America. From day one we expected to have the opportunity to play among ourselves in order to have fun and meet more players in order to enjoy the game. Unfortunately, the game has had a lot of connectivity issues (it is at its worst during the last 2 months) and we ended up having a long list of error codes that allows every single one of us to have a zoo based on the names given to the codes. I've written some requests to Bungie asking them to try to fix the issues with no positive resolution. On top of this what they do is just to say that the issues are related to our hardware (Modem, Router, ISP, etc) and the way it is set up.

The fun part is that Destiny is the only game that has that type of issues. I play many other multiplayer games and I don't have those issues with either one of them. All of the above are just excuses to blame others and not take responsibility for their material.

I explained that it is not possible the issues appear only when we play together because none of us uses the same hardware in most of the cases and all our configurations are different and it is not possible that all the ISPs from many countries will work the same way either.

This is just a way to get their attention because they haven't done anything about the notes I've sent them requesting to resolve the issues and I like to see that lots of players agree on not purchasing Destiny 2 until these issues are resolved.

I hope this will get to a responsible person at Bungie's end and take it as personal in order to correct the problems and stop blaming the hardware or ISP and avoiding the responsibility due to the people that buys the game.



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