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Create a series about Destiny

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Destiny's story is quite complex, and even if the game tries to show as much as possible, it's tricky to maintain a linearity. It would be interesting if companies like Netflix or Amazon could team up with Bungie and Activision to develop a series about Destiny, making the story more understandable and better showing each of its main characters.

The series could be split into several seasons, ranging from the story of Destiny 1 to Destiny 2. Even if it took time between one season and another, Destiny is a game that lasts for at least three years during development, so it could cover two or three stories per season.

For instance:

  • Season 01: Vault of Glass // Crota and Oryx
  • Season 02: Lords of Iron // Ghaul and Calus
  • Season 03: Osiris // ...

My idea would be something like:

  • Be faithful to the ambiance of the game (3D, no live action);
  • Use the same character models, weapons, armor, stories;
  • Dub in same languages available on game (please!);

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