Bungie/Activision to release the album "Music of the Spheres"

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Greetings to everyone. I have a two things in life I truly love. Music and video games. That being said I have been a huge fan of the games that Bungie has created, but also the musical scores that Marty O'Donnell has created for almost two decades now along with his life long colleague Michael Salvatori. From the Halo series, to Destiny, and even Golem; Marty has graced many of us with masterful scores created by him and his colleagues. There is one thing though that I truly crave and feel is missing. Before the release of Destiny there was a prequel album created titled "Music of the Spheres". This album was composed by Marty O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, and Sir Paul McCartney. Marty seems truly passionate about this piece as well as a large chunk of our community. This album contains such amazing tracks as "The Union", "The Tribulation", and many other wonderful scores and songs written to envelope a person into a wonderful symphony of emotion. The true version of this has yet to be released for us to hear and has been locked behind doors, vaulted away for our ears to not hear. Many people have taken time to meticulously crafted what could possibly have been the true thing, but we will never know due to some of the resources only being parts of what the entire score would've been. I believe the closest version that we have was created by a user named OS_Epsilon. He has meticulously sifted through hours upon hours of files and videos to craft what he has created with this version of "Music of the Spheres: The Musical Prequel to Destiny". I truly commend the people who have been involved with and worked hard to create the interpretations that we have at the moment. With all that being said we need to rally communities. The Destiny community, the people who loved video games just for what Marty has created through the years with the Halo series, Destiny, Golem, ect.., gamers who just love games, and the musicians who love Marty for the masterpieces he created. We need our voices heard. That is why today I've created this petition to try and convince Bungie to release this album and in hopes that differences get set aside for their fanbase. Some of us have been loyal for many years. I myself since Halo CE. The games they create tied with the music that Marty has composed is what has captivated me over so many years. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this petition and hopefully sign it! Please release the album for the fans. Differences aside. This is truly an amazing piece of work that I fell as fans of the franchise we deserve to hear!  #NeverForgetMotS

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