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Bungay Town District Council: Stop Supporting Hunting on boxing Day

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We are appealing to Bungay Town Council and Suffolk Highways at Suffolk County Council to not allow the closure of Earsham Street, Bungay or any street on boxing day 2015 (and 2016 and beyond) for the meet of the Waveney Harriers (fox, deer and hare hunters) who continue to go out every week and endanger wildlife, even though hunting with hounds was banned over ten years ago. Every Boxing day Suffolk Highways at  Suffolk District Council (who are asked by Bungay Town Council)  give permission to close Earsham High street for the Waveney Harriers to parade through Bungay in Suffolk. This hunt has clearly stated that will return normal hunting if hunting was legalised. 

The hunt are very secretive about their activities with no advertising of meeting places except for Boxing day, so members of the public acting as hunt monitors and compassionate wildlife carers are left to try and check to see if they are breaking the law and hunting as normal, an illegal act.

By allowing Bungay Earsham Street to be closed for this hunt's boxing day meet, Bungay Town Council and Suffolk Highways at Suffolk District Council is showing tacit support of the hunt and silent approval of the intimidation tactics of their supporters against hunt monitors and wildlife carers.

At present around 80% of the populace is opposed to fox hunting and to allow this practice goes in opposition to the will of the majority of your constituents.

We ask them not to approve the road closure of Earsham Street or any other street on boxing day for harriers / hunts from 2015/2016 and beyond.

At the bottom of this email is a link to a news article from 2011 about the costs involved on the public purse to manage this event which is paid for by you, the tax-payer.  With all the cuts we have seen the police retracted their barriers from the roads which has led to very dangerous situations - including one where a child was nearly crushed.  

The hounds they use eat a raw diet and due to no barriers in use are seen licking the faces of adults and children in a friendly manner which could lead to health issues. The dogs are not on a lead (despite everyone less having to have their dog controlled on a lead). The dogs relief themselves across the town and no one cleans up after them, if you or i had a dog and we let this happen we would be fined.

Please sign our petition and send a message to Bungay Town Council and Suffolk Highways that they should not support the Waveney Harriers hunt by allowing the closure of any of the streets in Bungay.

You can also contact Suffolk Highways and Bungay Town Council directly at:
Please keep all your comments polite.

We also do not understand the pro-hunting dialogue from the East Anglian Daily Press. When the hunt was told they would have to pay for their own barriers the were retracted before the 2012 event. Since then there has been a dangerous situation where a horse that went out of control reversed into a shop window, nearly crushing a child and leaving the horse requiring veterinarian care plus stitches afterwards in 2012. Then in 2013 (without the barriers again) the press misreport: "What a difference from a decade ago when police were forced to line the road in numbers to ward off the threat of hunt saboteurs." No, there were no barriers due to the Waveney Harriers refusing to pay for them as the police were not going to provide them for free.  If they can't afford the policing then why should tax-payers pay (when 80% of them do not support hunting). And why did the council allow this to happen? Does someone have to get seriously injured before they listen?

The least the council can do if they are to go ahead is demand nessercary steps are taken where Waveney Harriers have to play (just like other 'sporting' groups do) for at least one sergeant and 6 PCs along with barriers to protect the public, at the Waveney Harriers expense. They also ought to have a RoSPA licensed guide to take them from the street to the venue (using a vehicle that is not on just an agriculture license as they will be driving over the limited distance that agriculture vehicles are allowed on the public highway). 

When a public servant like a police officer has to work on a public holiday it costs more money to pay them - all these costs ought to be covered by the Waveney Harriers. 

Please sign and share and let's give a message to these bloodthristy troglodytes and their grotesque, disgusting display of wildlife mismanagement that their time is over. Well Over.


2011: (Barriers removed due to hunt refusing to pay for them)

2012: (Horse goes through shop window, nearly crushing a child had the mother not been fast enough to move out of the way)

2013: (Misreporting, implying that no barriers are needed due to the results of widespread support)




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