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Allow Same Sex Debutante Partners 2016!

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Just to clarify, we are not a couple, just 2 bestfriends wanting to promote LGBT+ equality.

Debutante Ball, or as its more commonly referred to at Bundoora Secondary College, 'deb', is an event that takes place for students in year 11. For many female students, an event dreamed about for most of our schooling careers until we reach the year that it is our turn. It's a dream come true! Or, if you're LGBT+, a nightmare. A modern day debutante ball is all about presenting yourself as a young woman or man. It represents maturity and coming of age. For many of us, we do not feel comfortable squeezing into pretty white dresses and strolling down a staircase with a boy in a crisp suit. I want to present myself as a debutante, and I want to do it with my best friend. The only problem is that we are both women. In a school that promotes LGBT+ equality, we feel that this is the next step towards acceptance for all genders and sexualities. We respect tradition, but sometimes I order to accommodate the changing times, tradition needs to be changed. Please allow Same Sex Debutante partners for the 2016 deb! We ask that your please sign this petition to show your support. Thank you. 

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