Change starting working age for children to 14 years in all industries

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We propose to change the starting age of any employment for children to 14 years across all industries.

Currently any employment of children under 14 years falls under child labor. However it does not cover such indstries as entertainment, sports and various others. Current research suggests that in many cases this leads to psychological trauma for the children (Med Probl Perform Art. 2011 Sep;26(3):146-9. Myself or someone like me: a review of the literature on the psychological well-being of child actors. Anderson LM.) Disturbingly there is scarce information on it.

In light of current accusations for the set of the "DAU"-production, where children were possibly abused and many single examples of psychological problems of child actor in th adulthood it is time to raise the bar and completely bar children till age of 14 from acting or participating in professional sport events, which equals "child labor" and puts children even under worse psychological pressure.

Similar politics were successfully implemented in gymnastics and are proposed e.g. in ice skating. It is time to stop child labor disguised as entertainment!