Recognition of the Yazidis as an Independent Nation

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Yazidis - a nation that has been part of human civilization for thousands of years and has been living mostly in the areas of today's Iraq. Yazidis practice their own culture, have their own ancient language (Ezdiki) and write a history thousands of years old which is characterized by assimilation, forced conversion, massacre and oppression.
Especially as a result of the 74th genocide in Iraq on 3 August 2014 by the Islamic state (IS-reign of terror), hundreds of thousands of Yazidis are currently living in refugee camps in their own country which should be regarded as questionable with regard to human dignity. Due to the right of asylum and the threatening circumstances in their home country, more and more people flee to Europe but do not receive protection status and are deported.

Therefore, in accordance with the right of existence, the Yazidis are urgently dependent on obtaining a protective status that would counteract the current threat to a dying nation. We appeal to your human morality and ask you to support the following four principles:

-the recognition of the Yazidi nation;
-the recognition of the mother tongue (Ezdiki)
-the recognition of the Yazidi genocide in Iraq (Shingal) on 3 August 2014;
-the right of existence (protection status) of the Yazidis in the countries of origin

The Yazidis are already recognized as an ethnic group in Russia, Georgia and Armenia.

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