Stop the criminal Omar Al Bashir, who is wanted by the ICC for GENOCIDE and WAR CRIMES in SUDAN

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Dear Dr. Merkel.

Since December 19th 2018 , the citizens of Sudan go out into the streets of the capitol  Khartoum, Omdurman, Kassala, Port Sudan  and many other cities  for massive, but peaceful protests against the brutal and criminal regime of Omar Al Bashir . He is ruling the country since 1989 .The people are suffering . The government is killing men, woman ,even children.

We are living in freedom and peace , not knowing what it means to live under a criminal dictatorship. The German government and Europe  is dealing with north African countries , for example Libya,  to keep refugees away from Europe. This is the wrong way and inhuman. I am sure most of the Sudanese refugees would go back to their beloved home country Sudan, if they would have any chance.


We urge you to  influence the  governments of Europe to STOP THE GENOCIDE against the people of Darfur, Blue Nile , Nuba Mountains . Support HUMANITY . Stop dealing with innocent people. Sudan needs freedom and peace..NOW