Bund Wall needs to built in the Kech River, Turbat as soon as possible.

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There was no rain in the region of Turbat for more than 3 to 4 years and the water crisis is on the peak. As well now the most serious and dangerous concern is that the drought is in effect for the last couple of years where farmers, shepherds as well common people are suffering very badly and also and the wells are getting dries.

On behalf of all people of Turbat, I urge Honourable MPA Mahjabeen Sheran from Turbat, can I get you to ask the Government of Balochistan to invest more funds on this regards. Farmers and shepherds need to be helped out on this very serious and critical matter. Please and thank you.

A bund wall needs to be built promptly in the Kech River to store the flowing water which could help the people of Turbat and farmers that which could increase the water level in the wells. It also helps the atmosphere and greenery as well as animals and birds can drink water from there during the very hot summer and also which create more chances for rain in Turbat.

We urge the government of Balochistan to take this matter very seriously and rest of the parliamentarians have to support the people of Turbat and enforce the government to invest some funds on this matter. Please & Thank you.