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Since the introduction of parking meters on the streets of Bunbury, Western Australia we have seen a steady decline in shoppers and visitors, resulting in closure of over 100 Businesses.  The parking meters are a deterrent to shoppers visiting our local independent retailers.

As a starting point to rebuilding our high street, we believe the removal of the parking meters will begin the transformation that our city needs. 

What we propose :

  • Remove all street meters immediately. 
  • Keep the 2hr Free on-street parking without obtaining a ticket.

Benefits to BUNBURY

  • Positive vibe to the City.
  • Attract new business to open within Bunbury to add variety to CBD offerings.
  • Start to re-occupy to 100+ vacant shop fronts in CBD which may increase employment opportunities.
  • Encourage visitors to explore the CBD and surrounds without fear of fines.
  • Begin to attract major investors to consider Bunbury as a viable option for future development.
  • Act as a sign of solidarity between local Council and local Business to move towards a progressive future for our city.

    To support this proposal we need community interest. If you would like to see the parking meters removed from the CBD please add you name to this petition and share with all your friends and family. Together we can create the future of our city.